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Lantern Festival 2016 with the theme "Asia brilliant" took place at the Asia Park (Danang) in the period from October 9 - 15/9 will bring to the city residents and visitors on the Han River a light dinner bright and open up the opportunity to explore mascot 10 Asian countries.
Coming to the Lantern Festival 2016 in Da Nang, tourists will be voyeuristic with a light dinner and explore the mascot of 10 countries in Asia (Photo: thanhnien)

The festival will take place in the not as thrilled with the lion dance, lantern parade mascot represents 10 Asian countries. At the festival, the mascot made into lanterns up to 2 meters in height, will be lit in tandem dazzling parade through areas represent Asian countries: Japan Zone, Zone of Cambodia, Korea zone, zone India, Thailand ... zone lantern parade begins with two notes representing Buffaloes rice civilization, mascot of Cambodia. Chinese culture is represented by a pair of Song Long lantern with green dragon image two modern, powerful. Gold macaw is lanterns representing Indonesia. Followed by the tiger mascot Alee Chandra from India, then the god of wealth Tabo lantern Maiko cat, the mascot of the land of the Rising Sun. Korea country representative moon bears and golden cow pairs representing Nepal. Fishman's lion mascot represents lantern lion island nation of Singapore and finally Boonchu Boonme two elephants, national mascot from Golden Temple, Thailand. In particular, gold buffalo lantern models, mascots represent Vietnam will be on display at the entrance into.

At the festival, besides the lantern parade is the most popular animated display. Guests will be living in the festive atmosphere filled with dance performances flower, mask laughing, belly dance, Canaval, the sun goddess, animal mascot, LED lion dance, fire dance ... the specialist dancers industry. Lantern Festival 2016 promises to bring to the people of the city on the Han River and visitors a season extremely impressive moon.

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